Dynamo Berlin von Hells Angels aufgekauft

1. November 2001 | Von | Kategorie: Seltsames

A German football club has been taken over by Hells Angels. Dynamo Berlin was to register its bankruptcy but has been rescued by a local bikers group.

Police are reportedly worried about the deal as the gang is suspected of drug dealing and blackmail. The club dominated East German football under the Communists, and went down-hill dramatically after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It is currently facing relegation to Germany’s fifth division. With debts of £2 million, Dynamo Berlin was all set to register its bankruptcy on Thursday. It has now taken three new members onto its board, two of which are known to police as Hells Angels members. The bikers have already taken over small businesses associated with the club, including the security firm which deals with the matches. An unnamed detective told German newspaper Bild: „We are really worried the Angels only need the football club as a base to clean up their money.“

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  1. Damit ist ja nun zumindestens in der Vorstandsriege wieder eine schlagkräftige Truppe zusammengestellt worden. ;D

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